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Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

There are different techniques used for analysis in qualitative research.They include;

✅ Content analysis: It is used to analyze documented information in the form of texts, media, or even physical items. When to use this method depends on the research questions. Content analysis is also used to analyze responses from interviewees.

✅ Narrative analysis: This method is used to analyze content from various sources, such as interviews of respondents, observations from the field, or surveys. It focuses on using the stories and experiences shared by people to answer the research questions.

✅ Discourse analysis: Like narrative analysis, discourse analysis is used to analyze interactions with people. However, it focuses on analyzing the social context in which the communication between the researcher and the respondent occurred. Discourse analysis also looks at the respondent’s day-to-day environment and uses that information during analysis.

✅ Grounded theory: This refers to using qualitative data to explain why a certain phenomenon happened. It does this by studying a variety of similar cases in different settings and using the data to derive causal explanations. Researchers may alter the explanations or create new ones as they study more cases until they arrive at an explanation that fits all cases.These methods are the ones used most commonly. However, other data analysis methods such as conversational analysis are also available.

Source: PhD Support Group.

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