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Frequently asked questions

  1. Questionnaire and test construction.
  2. Sample calculation
  3. Reliability & Validity analysis
  4. Data analysis plan

Yes.we help you to identify right tool based on your hypothesis and research design.

We offer three main services in this area.

  1. APA Proofreading services to correct spelling, grammar,clarity,and consistency errors
  2. APA Content editing services can help you by pointing out weaknesses in your arguments or areas that require more research.It also include formatting of headers, page numbers, title pages,tables,figures as well as checking in-text citations, and reference list for compliance with APA guidelines.

Professional editing is not a replacement for self-editing.It is a deeper level of the editing process.If you can not make it better yourself? Then you are ready for professional editing.Our job is to pick up where you leave off

We make all edits in microsoft word.We use the comments feature and track changes for you to see everything that was changed and accept or reject individual changes.If you have not worked with trackchanges before you can check this youtube video 

 We apply the American Psychological Association (APA) Style  if that is what is required in your discipline.We can also apply a journal’s style guide (just send us the details) or a corporate/internal style guide.

Yes, on special request we offer online tutoring services.

Educational Research Experts has no minimum requirement for the number of words in your document.However, we have minimum order charges starting for as low as N10,000 for  3 days turnaround to cover administrative costs. If you have several small documents, you might consider putting them all in one order to get the best value for your naira.

It may be that you have the “Show Markup” feature turned off. If you are using MS Word 2010, 2013, or 2016, click on the Review tab. In the section named “Tracking,” there are three drop-down menus—they’re to the right of the button named “Tracked Changes.” Click on the top one. Choose All Markup

How to Show Markup in MS Word

Then, click the Show Markup menu to make sure all the markup options are checked, including “Insertions and Deletions.”

If you are using Word 2007/Office XP, click on the tab named Review. In the section named “Tracking,” there are three drop-down menus—they’re to the right of the button named “Balloons.” Click on the top one. Choose Final Showing Markup.

If you still don’t see any changes, please feel free to contact us

No.We are not a research project/thesis writing service and we do not do any research for you or provide you with new content.You must complete the research and write your content first,before sending it to us for editing.Having someone else write your research work for you constitute cheating and academic fraud.

Sorry, but NO. we cannot write the text for you. As a matter of fact and principle, Educational Research Experts(ERE) does not write or sell academic work, nor do we paraphrase text. We strongly believe that students should submit their own original work, and students can face severe academic penalties if they submit work that is not theirs.All  we do  at ERE is to edit, proofread, and help you improve what you have written. 

Ordering is easy and convenient! Simply select turnaround speed,provide us with relevant description of your document,and then upload your document.Then we will send you a quote and the link for payment

For MS Word files (.doc and .docx), we use the Track Changes and the Comments features. You can access the Track Changes and Comments tools by clicking on the Review tab.

How to Access Track Changes and Comments in MS Word

You can use the tools on the Review tab to Accept or Reject changes one by one, or you can Accept or Reject the changes all at once. 

How to Accept or Reject Changes in MS Word

You can also right-click on individual changes in the document to access the Accept/Reject functions.

How to Accept or Reject Changes in MS Word

You can also delete the comments with the Review tab.

How to Delete All Comments in MS Word

Right-clicking on a comment balloon also brings up a Delete Comment function in the fly-out menu.

How to Delete Comments in MS Word

No, we don’t check for plagiarism nor do we write, rewrite, or paraphrase work. Stringent guidelines are required here to protect our clients against charges of academic fraud. However, Educational Research Experts can provide the professional editing needed to ensure high-quality original work.

No, our service will not have any impact on your plagiarism or Turnitin score. The files you send to us are kept secure and never shared with third parties

We can assure you that your writing, spelling, and grammar will be correct and clear if you use our proofreading services, and our content editing services can help you by pointing out weaknesses in your arguments or areas that require more research. However, your final grade will also depend on how much research and effort you put into your work and on what your instructor requires from you. Whatever you do, though, we can help make it better.

Orders can be placed online using Visa,MasterCard and Verve Cards.We also accept bank transfers.


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